The Pistachios

The Pistachios are most probably the most unconventional band that have ever tread the boards of many a night time hot spot, with their unique blend of funk, reggae and ska with a smidgen of hip hop thrown in.

Not a band put together for a sole purpose or aim, nor one born out of life long friendships, at the very beginning it was all about Sunday jam sessions where mates would jam with mates of their mates and their mates’ mates…playing basically whatever seemed to feel good at that particular moment in time. No genre of music was off limits and nothing was deemed too weird. After several of these sessions over the course of a year or so, what started as 30 people in various stages of musical disarray soon whittled itself down to a core 9-piece band as those who couldn’t be bothered to turn up anymore stopped coming.

Although now in the form of a band, there was still a long road ahead – in fact they only really became a band for the purpose of doing a charity gig in aid of Tibet organised by their bass player in order to earn him brownie points with a girl he was trying to impress! For that gig they named themselves P.C. Clench and the Drug Specialists – due to the fact that just before the gig certain members of the band had their house searched by none other than P.C. Clench!

Realising that this band might actually work, and with a few internal adjustments along with a decision to start regular rehearsals, The Pistachios was born.

With a drummer who loves heavy metal, a bassist who is actually a classical pianist, a keyboard player who bathes in reggae vibes, a DJ bent on hip hop…it’s no wonder the Pistachios are unparalleled when it comes to pure variety of music.

Along with the newest additions of singers after years of being a predominantly instrumental band, they are a force to be reckoned with, as they switch seamlessly from style to style. In their dapper suits playing pocket grooves to get every head in the house nodding, the future is looking as good as they do.

If The Pistachios ain’t playing, then it ain’t a real party!