Spragga Benz Chiliagon Album 2019

27 Club Tribute Album

lil’ rossco

lil’ rossco is a turntablist/producer who delivers his own unique brand of impressive beat-making and matching. Captivating audiences with vexing technique and a unique mixing vision which seems to bend and blend all the rules.

lil’ rossco has been up to big things this past year. Having produced four tracks on the 2019 “Chiliagon” album with dancehall legend Spragga Benz reaching No.1 Reggae Album on Billboard. Not to mention collaborations with Harry Shotta (Guinness Records most Lyrics), Rodney P, Hollow Point, IllaMan (Chinese Man), Killa P and Doc Brown. Rossco also performed on the Lions Den stage at Boomtown Festival alongside legends such as Gorillaz, Die Antwoord and Ben Harper. He then proceeded to smash six big shows over Notting Hill Carnival, including Red Bull, Toddla T (BBC Radio 1) and Rampage stages including performances with Drum n Bass legend General Levy “Wikid…Wikid, Jungle is Massive”.

Rossco has performed locally alongside some of his other personal heroes such as Kid Koala, DJ Dexta and James De La Cruz (The Avalanches) and at venues and parties such as Toff in Town, The Lounge, Revolver, St Kilda Festival, Hallowine, Good Vibrations (Singapore), Down by the Dam Festival and many more.

The DJ/producer has a mind that thinks in big beats and catchy tunes and produces tracks based on variety, nostalgia and beautiful chaos. With sets that get crowds moving, punters are left humming along to a lil’ rossco track well after waiting for a cab home.

Since establishing his roots in a Sampling/DJ background, rossco has spent the last two years in the UK focused on music theory and production whilst producing the Chillagon album and various other collaborations.

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