Illz is from North West London, where he has cultivated a fan-base for over 15 years… in addition to his career as a solo artist, was a part of Flict, a metal/hiphop/drum’n’bass band the likes of which the world had never seen, with more energy on stage than a barrel of gunpowder.

Illz first public appearance (aside from parties and pirate radio) was with Flict, at the “Battle of the Bands” which they won, allowing them to embark on a Metal Hammer UK tour.  Whilst on tour, Illz was spotted by a number of talent scouts and managers (interested parties were, amongst others, Virgin and DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill)… unfortunately, these opportunities fell through due to a breakdown in communications with his manager.

In 2003, he lost one of his closest friends and fellow band members (R.I.P. Jim) which strongly affected him both emotionally and musically…but he didn’t give up…on the contrary, obstacles and difficulties simply motivate him to work harder.

Today he often shares the stage with heavy-weights ranging from Goldie to Rag’N’Bone Man and is currently at work on his second album.