Release date 24/11/2017
The first single from the forthcoming album “Sunday’s Cool” – Coming March 2018

So… what’s it all about? Well,.. we thought who better to ask – than the boys themselves…

“African James Bond? Hmmm.. yeah… It’s a song about a friend who suddenly lost their smile.. Lost their bounce.. you know? Like a cloud just started following them around… ? It was a song to cheer them up, or wake them up? and say – hey!…
Errm.. like … don’t be so sad..

Yeah, well.
That’s what it’s about. We felt pretty good about it at the time. You know helping like that.

But did it make a difference?

No. I don’t think it did.
But he is better now nonetheless…

We think anyway… (inaudible mumbling in the background in French)
Actually probably we should call him. as we apparently don’t really know. We just don’t see him as much these day and then you know – out of sight out of…

Shit….. yeah.. Thanks for the chat. We’ll call him. We’ll call him tomorrow… let me write that down somewhere… French… you got a pen?”

Well thanks for that chaps. We think. But in other words…

A bizarre and beautiful look at life in London from the eyes of an Englishman and ears of a Frenchman.
The delectable pairing of French deep vintage sound with the English articulation of the Re- bel – something you definitely would not have heard before.

“they sound like The Streets high on absinthe stomping around the back alleys of Paris” “Rebel ACA is definitely an example of the untapped awesomeness on the fringe of British Hip-Hop, and he’s gearing up to release alongside a man named French Monkey Wrench (which means it’s gotta be dope with that kind of name)” –