Joe Driscoll

When you hear the phrase Folk music you think of gently strummed guitars and sing-along melodies. You imagine yourself sitting around a campfire or sipping tea at a coffee house. You may not think of an energized, beat-boxing rhyme slinger, who compels audiences to holler, whose sound pushes tables aside and charms audiences to their dancing feet. But according to Webster, folk is the music originated among the common people in a time and a place, and Joe Driscoll is the sound of the people right here, right now.

His eclectic compositions are a tapestry of American roots music. An indescribably originalĀ canvas of rock and soul, with dynamic tones of hip-hop, funk and reggae seeping through. “If you were going to send a diplomat to an intergalactic music conference, you would send Joe Driscoll to show them what’s up here on planet earth.”


Imaginative, innovative, and original are the words most frequently used to describe Driscoll’s work. Using a delay pedal as a sampler, Joe builds multi-layered loops in the live setting, creating the soundscape of a live band with only his voice and guitar. All the rhythms and melodies are

created live, each and every night.

With poignant lyrics and deep rhythm, Joe’s live show fits into any musical venue. Whether a coffee shop, bar, or festival, audiences have been captivated and intrigued by the groundbreaking one man show. The intensity and diversity of the music is reflected by the acts he has shared the stage with, opening for artists of all styles; folk hero Bruce Cockburn, funk masters Soulive, tribal jammer Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root, reggae rebels John Brown’s Body, and jazz great Charlie Hunter.