Dr. Octagon

Dr. Octagon is perhaps the best known alias of Kool Keith, original member of the New York new school pioneers the Ultramagnetic MCs.

Kool Keith is best known as a somewhat controversial solo rapper, his signature “stream-of-consciousness” lyrical flow, and his ability to drop complex freestyle vocals with apparent ease, have earned him a perennial nod from the underground hip-hop community. Bizarre, disjointed, even delusional themes, concepts, and references tend to season the average Kool Keith album. Many of Kool Keith fans first discovered him on The Prodigy’s1997 album ‘ The Fat of the Land’ where he supplied the lyrics on ‘Diesel Power’and ‘Smack My Bitch Up’.

It is without any doubt however that his most successful persona is Dr. Octagon. Teaming up withDan “the Automator” Nakamura, ‘Octagonecologyst’ was released in 1996 in the UK by James Lavelle’s label Mo Wax. The album received critical acclaim, though mainly from atypical sources outside the mainstream hip-hop community. The critical success of the album helped to open the accessibility of the underground hip hop scene to an appreciative audience.